Bosques Cautín exports, since 2007, more than half of its eucalyptus production,  principally directed to the  demanding Japanese cellulose market. National sales include round logs and eucalyptus wood chips. Our projected annual production is around 350.000 BDMT until 2017 and 450.000 bdmt from 2018.


Plantations are harvested  in12 year rotations, and depending of the topography, weather, environmental and social conditions, is mechanized, semi mechanized or manual. The wood is transported according to preprogrammed  delivery schedules, by truck or railroad, depending on  the final destination. For the harvesting activities, care is taken in the construction of roads and transportation activities to minimize adverse environmental impacts.

Bosques Cautín has implemented a chain of custody that tracks each product since its origin. The results of these controls are regularly registered and incorporated in the implementation of all our forest practices. In June of 2005 Bosques Cautin certified all it´s forest business activites in the standard of the Forestry Stewardship Council™ Chain of Custody.


Due to our continued growth, and interest to access demanding global markets, Bosques Cautín in 2009 installed a modern chipping mill, in the town of Los Sauces, La Araucanía region. The location was selected for it´s proximity to our forest plantations and small and medium-size forest producers.

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