The Mapuche Forestation Program (MFP) is an invitation from Bosques Cautín to forest indigenous lands, with eucalyptus and native species where appropriate, suitable to all referred legal provisions of the chilean Indigenous Peoples Law 19.253 that protects the mapuche property, their culture and environment. It protects  and recovers native trees species, vegetation and medicinal plants.

It is an open and voluntary offer to owners of lands with forestry potential, creating economic activity, constituting part of productive forest development in the region.

MFP creates a source of income and savings to mapuche families, improving their living standards, respecting their cultural identity, and natural environment.

What is needed to participate in the program?

- Owning a minimum of 5 hectares of land suitable for forestation.
- Create a partner relationship, of at least of 12 years, with Bosques Cautín through a contract which stipulates the commitments and responsibilities of both parties.

What benefits do the owner receive?

- A high percentage of the forest, 40%.
- A percentage of the bonus delivered by CONAF if the requirements are met.
- The 100% of the regrowth, once first harvest has been completed.

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